Remo is a fantastic platform for online networking events and there’s some real handy features to help you have an interactive experience. 

Here’s 11 handy features that you can check out on your next event!

1. View other attendees’ virtual business card

Click on attendee icons in the floor plan view and their virtual business card will appear.

From here, if they’ve populated their profile, you can find their name, job title, company, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, website and a button to message them privately.

You can also do this in Presentation Mode or via the chat box by clicking the ‘Participants’ tab and clicking a person’s icon from within

2. Populate your own virtual business card

Include a profile picture, your name, job title, company, as well as direct links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, website and meeting booking link (e.g. Calendly).

Click your account icon in the top right corner of your screen, click ‘Update Profile’, then ‘Edit Profile’ and add in your your personal information in (add social media links in too!).

3. Connect with others on LinkedIn directly from Remo

Click a person’s icon and, if they have populated their profile with their LinkedIn URL, simply click ‘Connect’.

This will take you directly to their LinkedIn profile where you can connect. Don’t forget to populate your own profile with your link so others can find and connect with you too!

4. Get your post event follow up calls and meetings booked in from Remo

Give other attendees the ability to book in a follow up call or meeting directly from Remo. Simply add your calendar booking link to your profile.

Remo supports popular platforms such as Calendly, MeetingBird,, MeetFox and ScheduleOnce.

Save yourself the time going back and forth via email to find a time that works

5. Set up private conversations in our One to One Areas

Want to arrange a private conversation with another attendee? No problem. That’s what our designated One to One Areas are for. Jump on one of these tables knowing no one else can hear or interrupt you.

Don’t wait until after the event to arrange an exploratory meeting or call. Do it during the event and return back to the main action straight after. Did someone say a more efficient online networking process?!

We recommend arranging by messaging that person before the event (via the delegate list we send out) or sending a private message via the chat box during the event

6. Take a Time-Out

Working remotely or in the office can mean some unexpected interruptions. Nature may call. Or you need to top up your tea or coffee. Don’t let an online event stop you from doing that.

Use our assigned Time Out sofas to place yourself when you need to take a couple of minutes out. We recommend also turning off your camera and microphone when doing so

7. Enlarge video screens using ‘Tile View’

When in the Floor Plan view, attendees will appear at the top of your screen in smaller video boxes. You may want to enlarge the screens of the people you are talking to.

To do so, click Tile View in your control bar. Click ‘Back to Map’ to return to floor plan view.

8. Ask presenter or guest speaker questions in Q&A area

You’re able to ask the presenter or guest speaker a question in the specific Q&A area. To do this, click the ‘Q&A’ tab and simply type in your question. Your question can be made anonymous should you wish. 

Has someone asked a question you’d particularly liked to hear answered? Upvote it by clicking the small arrow next to the question. The questions with the most upvotes will be pushed to the top. 

9. Zoom in and out and drag the room

    1. Depending on your screen size, you may need to zoom in on a specific area of the room. You can do this by simply using your mouse wheel or touch pad on your laptop. 

      You can also drag to different parts of the floor plan by clicking and holding down and moving the cursor around.

    10. Find out more information about an event sponsor

    Sponsor boards within the floor plan are interactive, meaning you can click on them to show a pop up and from there a link to their website. 

    Our sponsors typically have an offer or upcoming opportunity for attendees, so don’t forget to check out what they are offering by clicking their logo

    11. Having a problem with your camera or mic working? 

    You may encounter some tech difficulties (hopefully not if you’ve read the pre-event information!). But if you do, we have a dedicated Help Desk where one of the Network My Club team are situated throughout the event.

    Remo also has a live chat support function via the ‘Need Help’ button in the bottom left hand corner, but 99% of the time we are able to help and quickly fix any issues.

    Sometimes you’ve got to see it to believe it. Watch a video about how our online networking events work or experience Remo first hand by joining us at an upcoming online meetup.