Ever wondered what to bring to your next networking event? We’ve got you covered…

1)    Business cards! Alternatively you can share your unique LinkedIn QR code for a contact free connection. 

2)    A pen to make notes. Make sure you remember the discussion you’ve had with someone to make a more tailored and effective follow-up. Pens are always left on the tables at our events for this reason!

3)    Positive attitude! Approach the event with a willingness to share information for helping others. Don’t attend a networking event to just sell and expect to gain business straight away. Be genuine, listen, refer, connect and grow.

4)    Referrals! How can you make yourself a valuable contact to know and a key person of influence? Be ready to ask questions about other delegates’ businesses and roles, then establish how you might be able to help them from your existing network.

5)    Prepare yourself to talk to two or three specific people. Our delegate lists are always sent through the day before the event – research that list! Identify who you want to talk to, then on the day of the event, utilise the team on hand to help facilitate introductions or point that person out.

6)    Bring clients. Add value to your existing clients or customers by introducing them to potential new business at one of our events. As a member of the business club, members can in fact bring guests or clients at a discounted rate.

Fancy putting this to the test? Check out our upcoming events HERE.