At Network My Club, we’ve always promoted collaboration over competition. Over the years, we’ve proven that many more opportunities are uncovered by working with others in the same industry as yours – with your ‘competitors’, rather than against them. 

But given the times we’re currently living in, forget competition. This is about collaboration over isolation.  

Business must continue and arguably even more important is our mental wellbeing. It’s more vital than ever that we continue to communicate with each other, certainly given the technology we have at our fingertips 

Whether we communicate with friends and family or for business purposes, to network, promote and market our businesses, or just to feel a sense of comfort that we’re all in this together, we must continue 

From a business perspective, you should be marketing your business like you’ve never done so beforeMany of us are experiencing the same struggles and need to change or at least adapt our services and offerings. Share ideas with others, especially with those in the same industry as yours! Get creative, try new things, increase the value in what you’re offering.  

Some simple ways you can help people online during these times are by visiting their website (traffic is helpful with SEO), connect on social media and engage by liking, commenting and re-share their content, sign up to their mailing list, shop any useful e-books/courses, read their blogs and offer support and advice where necessary, use affiliate links, or simply send a kind message! These small acts of kindness will go a long way to giving businesses the confidence to continue and grow. 

It’s ok to continue charging for your services, as long as you believe you are providing value for money. Don’t be ashamed, don’t feel guilty. Listen to the feedback on your offerings and adapt them if needs be.  

To achieve this, you need a strong, trustworthy professional network around you, one that you can continue to build upon. Don’t switch off your current network. Your current contacts will be finding new ones of their own and therefore in the long term, you may miss out on future opportunities.  

Wherever you network currently, continue to do so. If you don’t yet have a professional network or wish to expand your existing one even further, taking advantage of potential future offerings and thriving when others may be failing, then we welcome you to join our online meet-ups. 

Find out more about the Network My Club Online Member Meetups here.