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The latest data from Hitwise, which provides online insights for marketers, shows that mobile search volume has now reached 60% of all searches. Mobile search appears to be stabilising at around this level so we may be close the ultimate peak of mobile searching when compared with desktop.

With Google having recently announced that all new websites that it discovers will automatically be added to the mobile-first index, it continues to focus very heavily on mobile search and the overall mobile user experience.

The last major announcement was made in May regarding the change in how search results are displayed on mobile.

The new design initially makes the ads appear more integrated with the organic results but additionally, the biggest change is the focus on putting the branding front and centre, including displaying the website’s favicon as a visual representation of the brand.

The new design appears easier on the eye and some may argue that it also makes the ads more likely to be clicked as they appear to be less distinguishable from the organic results. Maybe initially that will be the case but generally users soon start to understand which are the paid results and which ones are organic.

The only major change from an SEO perspective is the need to ensure that a website has a clear and appealing favicon – as this has become a key aspect of the design. Additionally, websites should continue to focus on making sure that the titles and descriptions displayed are engaging, to encourage users to click them.

Title tags and meta descriptions, which are generally, but not always, displayed as the content of the listing of a website in the search results, need to be balanced. They should offer both the necessary and concise information for search engines to understand the page, whilst also encouraging the user to click on it.

Artemis is continuously reviewing how our clients pages are being displayed, and we continue to monitor and evaluate these changes on an day by day basis.  The job of increasing rankings and click-through rates never stops!

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