With our scheduled events on hold due to current circumstances, we’re using this as an opportunity to make members aware of the various ways we can support them.

We’re helping businesses to stay together, remain connected and take time to learn and prepare for the future. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, so here are the steps we are taking to ensure we keep members in the spotlight.

Online Member Meetups

Hosted on Zoom, meetups give up to 10 attendees at a time the opportunity to talk about their businesses, share news, unearth opportunity and understand how they can help and support each other.

The Online Member Meetups have structured 1-minute rounds allowing the meeting to ruat a pace giving each attendee fair opportunity to use the platform to get across key information.

Marketing Discovery Sessions

Hosted by Network My Club’s Digital Marketing Coordinator, Anders Swaffield, a one-to-one Marketing Discovery Session phone call helps those looking to learn more about the Network My Club team can assist with marketing efforts now and for the duration of the membership. The call will address, but is not limited to:

  • Helping understand the best social media platforms to use
  • What type of content works for our audience
  • What types of offers work for our audience
  • A full understanding of the support the Network My Club team can offer
  • Blog content/Q+A sessions to be hosted on Network My Club website
  • Integration onto the new Network My Club Member Dashboard
  • Submission of ‘1-minute member focus videos’

Ongoing support

As always, the entire Network My Club team is on hand to make facilitated introductions to our fantastic variety of members, all working in different industries that can each offer unique words of advice or support during this uncertain time. Click here to email Claudia to find out more.

As well as hosting Discovery Sessions, we’re here to assist in promoting any marketing collateral across our various channels. To find out more about how to utilise the marketing support, please book a call with Anders above.

Other ways we’re adapting

We’re investing in new technologies to develop ideas, processes, features and methods to combat a reduction of events, all of which we intend to form part of the long-term Network My Club offering.

These include:

  • Delivering online member workshops and webinars
  • Inviting members to participate in new digital initiatives
  • Inviting non-members to join in Online Member Meetups for free
  • Curating educational ‘top tip’ help videos that help any business

Amongst many ideas we are discussing as a team on a daily basis!                  

Finally, member or not, reach out if you need support

This is a difficult time for many. We’re happy to offer our time to anyone that wants to discuss any of the above or simply needs a friendly voice to speak with.

If you’d like to speak to any of the team, please contact us on 01903 898025 or events@networkmyclub.co.uk.

In the meantime, please stay safe and help others.