A lot of events have fallen victim to the impact of COVID-19. They’re being cancelled or postponed. With no sight of when they can take place.

Us included.

With the latest government guidelines coming into place, it sees another wave of cancellations and postponements.

Running online events is new to a lot of people. It can be daunting. It’s also increasingly difficult to stand out from the sea of Zooms.

This also has to stop. Luckily, we can help.

Introducing our Online Event Management service. Stress no more and deliver your event effectively online. We’ll be there with you to manage and run it.

Having clocked up 75+ online events using Remo, we’ve seen what works and continue to find ways to improve events. This is the result…

“Great event. The next best thing to the real thing. An easy to understand platform.” James Gaydon, Sussex Chamber of Commerce

So, are you…

Planning a Webinar or Presentation?

How about a Training Session or Workshop?

Perhaps a Conference, Summit or Exhibition?

Or a Charity Fundraiser? (No more Zoom quizzes we hear you say!)

Maybe a Product Launch? Networking Event? (we’re good at those) Staff Team-Building?

Here’s how we run ours:

It’s a chance for organisers to show their clients they can adapt. Keep their attendees engaged. Stand out from the crowd… when it’s harder than ever.

It’s time to stop thinking it can’t be done online.

How to get started:

  1. Let us know the event you’re considering and how you want it to run
  2. Book a test event with us on Remo
  3. We’ll propose a solution to run it for you online

Want to discuss in more detail? Contact Bradley on 01273 467507 or bradley@networkmyclub.co.uk.