Leave Your Ego at the Door When Networking

by Bradley Hatchett | Founder of Network My Club

By Bradley Hatchett – Founder of Network My Club

I bet I can predict something you hear very often at business networking events.  

Something I hear all too often. 

And that’s what seems to have become the automated response when someone is asked “how is business?” 

Cue a response along the lines of “oh I’m super busy…couldn’t be busier…absolutely manic.” 

Well, newsflash. People don’t want to hear how busy you are. 

Or how many clients you have.  

Or how you’re drowning in new business. 

Let alone the record month, quarter or year you’ve recently recorded.  

When someone says things like that to me at a networking event I immediately think “why are you here then? It doesn’t seem like I can help you. Or that you need the business!” 

I’d prefer to hear something like “business has slowed down for me at the moment, but looking to meet X to grow X part of our business.”  

Or “things could be busier, hence why I’m here looking to meet new people and unearth new opportunities. In particular I’m looking to meet X.”  

Immediately, with these responses, I know how I may be able to help them. 

And people are so much more inclined to engage when you show humility and reveal a problem they might be able to help with.  

So, next time you catch yourself about to tell someone how incredibly busy you are. Think, will they be able to help you with that information? 

People at networking events are there for the same reason. Trying to seek out new opportunities. Try and help each other achieve that. 

Because believe it or not, people want to know how they can help you. 

Give them a chance. Start by leaving your ego at the door. 

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