Nick Hollis, one of only a handful of people in the UK to complete the mammoth Seven Summits challenge – to climb the highest mountain on every continent – joined us at Madejski Stadium for the latest Network Royals Business Club networking lunch.

From successful businessman to Seven Summits mountaineer, Hollis has had to master the intricacies of survival and success. Nick’s business background started with 15 years spent in senior management for Hewlett Packard handling multi-billion dollar revenues, before a lightbulb moment came. Following a lifelong dream to climb Everest he made the decision to move from the corporate world to the snowy mountain slopes.

Having completed the first six summits – Kilimanjaro, Vinson, Puncak Jaya / Kosciuszko, Denali, Mauna Kea and Acononcagua – just the largest and by far most gruelling, Everest, remained. Nick gave a detailed insight into how he had to overcome his own personal mindset to begin the challenge, the intense methodology and preparation that stood before him, and the challenges along the way.

Summiting Everest was by no means simple. He experienced snow blindness at the peak, meaning the views were simply a blur, failing oxygen systems in the death zone, and encountered the unfortunate deaths of inexperienced climbers. Nick explained how practicing detailed preparation and managing calculated risk are the reasons he is still alive today.

A week after completing the summit, Nick returned home and decided to take on the ’721 challenge’. Having completed the Seven Summits, Nick will be skiing the long, traditional route to the South Pole, travelling more than ten times the usual distance, and the regular North Pole route. He’ll be the 18th person in the world to have completed the 7 Summits and both Poles. 

Named the toughest rowing challenge in the world, Nick will then be taking part in a race across the Atlantic Ocean with a team-mate at his side. Taking 40-50 days, once he’s reached the finish-line he’ll be the first person in history to conquer 7 Summits, 2 Poles and 1 Ocean.

Find out more about how you can partner with Nick in his World Record attempt here.

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Thank you to resident photographer, Kathryn Fell Photography, for the excellent images. Can you spot yourself in the full album here?

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