We were delighted to be approached by Bark Like A Big Dog to run their Super Charge Your Marketing with Neuroscience & Kick Ass in 2021.

Joanne Emmerson, Bark Like A Big Dog Managing Director, required a platform that allowed her to replicate her popular in-person webinars in an online space. She was well aware of the dangers of audience distractions during lengthy webinars.

Acknowledging that, we ran three separate presentation slots, included networking sessions in between, offered attendees the opportunity to pose questions via the Q&A feature and hosted a live prize draw.

Their aim? To run an informative event which, along with offering tips and tricks, allowed her to stand out from the sea of webinars by giving away free event materials and doing a live draw for free prizes.

Our aim? Create an interactive online event experience that allowed attendees to engage with the host, ensuring it held audience attention throughout by adopting a unique format.

Event Delivery Overview:

Event Name: Super Charge Your Marketing With Neuroscience & Kick Ass in 2021

Type of Event: Interactive Seminar

Number of Attendees: 60

Event Features: Custom Floor Plan Design, Co-hosted by Network My Club Team,  Live prize draw giveaway

Joanne Screen Sharing The Presentation

Joanne & Bradley On Screen

The Network My Club Team helped promote the seminar beforehand via social media and direct email communication. This resulted in over 30 Network My Club members booking on. 

To increase reach and invite more people along, Joanne also sponsored two of our online meetups prior. Being given the time to introduce herself and promote the event on screen at both.

“If you’re doing an online event and aren’t using Network My Club you’re wasting your time.


I recently hosted a seminar and, not only did they help customise the floor plan with my company branding, they went above and beyond to help me promote the event. It was effortless, effective and professional.


The ROI on this event is at 300% … enough said.


The Network My Club team have got it going on. I’m already planning my next event with them.”


Joanne Emmerson, Bark Like A Big Dog

Live ‘Spin The Wheel’ Prize Draw Giveaway

Custom Created Floor Plan

Members of the Network My Club team were present during the event to assist. Anders, our Digital Communications Manager, sat on the Help Desk throughout to assist with any technical issues attendees faced.

Claudia, Events & Membership Manager, also sat on the Reception Desk welcoming new comers to the event and explaining how best to use the platform.

Attendees freely moved around the room to network online at their own pace using our interactive floor plan. Bradley from the Network My Club team invited Joanne up on screen and begin the first presentation.

Joanne ran three presentation slots, allowing for attendees to take a short break in between, ask any questions using the Q&A feature and network around the room.

She also kindly gave away a workbook, summary of the tips and tricks and a copy of her ‘WTF is Neuromarketing?’ book due for release in 2021.

Forget cancelling. Forget postponing. Forget thinking it can’t be done online. Find out how we can work with you to create a memorable online event experience for you via the link below or book a test event on Remo with us to discuss it in more detail.