Connecting businesses across continents. New Retail Leaders is an exclusive international community of distinguished senior Retail executives & experts who are concerned about the next Retail Revolution

The event brought together leaders from across the globe to network with one another, share industry insight and hear three exclusive presentations.

Presentations came from:

Michael Zakkour, Author & Founder of 5newdigital 

Mike Hadjadj, Founder & Log On Experience 

Ron Thurston, Author and VP Stores at Intermix

As we had attendees speaking different languages, we used a live translation tool to translate the presentations into the users preferred language.

Their aim? Connect their international community online to share exclusive industry knowledge and replicate their in-person events.

Our aim? Provide a platform for senior executives to feel comfortable networking and provide a service that allowed for presentations that encouraged audience participation.

Event Delivery Overview:

Event Name: New Retail Leaders

Type of Event: Networking & Presentations

Number of Attendees: 22

Event Features: Custom Floor Plan Design, Hosted by Network My Club team, Live language translation tool

New Retail Leaders by Proximis

Michael Zakkour, Author & Founder of 5newdigital gave the first keynote, speaking about New Retail, born in China, going Global.

Keynote #2 came from Mike Hadjadj, Founder & Log On Experience asked How far will the mobile phone take shopping in store?

Following open networking and private discussions, joining us from New York City, Ron Thurston, Author and VP at Intermix spoke about Retail Pride.

Attendees were welcomed to ask questions to the panel using the Q&A feature.

Mike Hadjadj Presentation

Mike Hadjadj Presentation

Philip Blanchi Welcomes Attendees

Philip Blanchi Welcomes Attendees

Organising our event with Network My Club was definitely a major factor of success. 


It is quite a new solution and not always easy to get it right on the first try. However, we had great feedback from all our participants. 


In addition to a smart platform that is able to circumvent the limitations of digital gatherings by enabling proper networking amongst guests, we are grateful for the support and agility of the Network My Club team throughout the preparations building up to the event and on the day itself.


Keep up the good work guys! It was certainly the first of many collaborations. 


Anais Veerapatren, Proximis

Two members of the Network My Club team were present throughout the event to assist. Each sitting on the Help Desk throughout to assist with any technical issues attendees faced and Reception Desk welcoming new comers to the event and explaining how best to use the platform

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