What would you do with £20,000? That’s a reality for Start-Ups/Entrepreneurs, thanks to the Southampton FC Positive Impact Pledge to win a £20k tax-free grant and expert mentorship.

With 50 businesses applying for the grant, they needed a platform that enabled them to invite all participants to announce the six finalists. While also using a team that had experience dealing with events on that scale.

We worked closely together with the Southampton FC team to bring their event idea into reality.

As an extra value-add, they invited guest speakers to talk about what positive impact means for them and their business. Speakers included:

David Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer, Southampton FC

Tim Heath, Founder of Coingaming Group and Partner at Yolo Investments

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Media

Bill Bullen, Chief Executive Officer, Utilita

Their aim? As a key pillar of their Sustainability Strategy, they wanted to thank Positive Impact Pledge participants for their entries, announce the shortlist of 5 finalists and include guest speakers to talk about what positive impact means for them.

Our aim? Ensure all finalists felt comfortable using the platform, guest speakers were able to engage in one another during the Q&A, and allow for the Southampton FC team to revel finalists in an engaging environment. 

Event Delivery Overview:

Event Name: Positive Impact Pledge

Type of Event: Live Q&A & Competition Finalist Announcement

Number of Attendees: 71

Event Features: Custom Floor Plan Design, Q&A hosted by Network My Club Team,  Live competition finalist announcement

David Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer at Southampton FC, thanked finalists for their entries and gave a short presentation about the Positive Impact Pledge and Sustainability Strategy.

Following that, Bradley, Network My Club Founder, hosted a panel discussion with David, Jeff (COO, Virgin Media), Tim (Founder, Coingaming Group) and Bill (CEO, Utilita).

Bradley asked questions about business challenges, success stories and what positive impact means for them and their business.

Attendees were welcomed to ask questions to the panel using the Q&A feature.

Live Panel Discussion

Finalists Announcement

“Network My Club team recently supported Southampton Football Club with our Positive Impact Pledge event.


From countless demos and walkthroughs, lots of testing, to on the night hosting/support – the Network My Club team really did make this event as smooth as it could be! 


If you’re thinking of hosting what would have been an in person event, virtually, Remo is a great platform to engage the audience and allow for a ‘real’ experience. 


Network My Club will take away all the stress of trying to navigate a new platform and make it super easy for both the organiser and attendees to have an enjoyable event. 


I really couldn’t recommend Network My Club highly enough!”


Tom Rose, Senior Marketing Manager, Southampton FC

The finalists were then announced on screen by David. Congratulations to Absolar, Greener Guest, Inpulse Ltd, THe FLourish Project. Labl.it and Sibstar!

Two members of the Network My Club team were present throughout the event to assist. Each sitting on the Help Desk throughout to assist with any technical issues attendees faced and Reception Desk welcoming new comers to the event and explaining how best to use the platform

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