In our latest Online Meetups with Network Hampshire members, we were given valuable PR advice from two of Hampshire’s best agencies, simple ways businesses can save money on their water, found out who is a trained actor having featured in a film currently on NOW TV, and much more…

The session provided each attendee – on a one-by-one basis – the opportunity to talk about their businesses, share who their ideal client is, a success story, insightful industry tip and give us a fun fact about themselves.

Check out if you’re there ideal client, can act as a good referrer, will benefit from a top industry tip and a fun fact about them below!

Amplify PRLisa Preston 

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Professional services, accountants, architects, legal services, IFAs, schools, colleges, universities, attractions, travel. Good referrers are marketing agencies and copywriters, but pretty much anyone that needs PR!  

What’s your industry or personal tip? Make sure you’re visible online to your customers to be ready for when we come out of this. Focus on projects you have time to do now. 

What’s a fun fact about you? Used to be a DJ/presenter show for a show on BBC radio. 

Briscoe PR – Kevin Briscoe 

Who is your ideal client/referrer? We work with a diverse range of businesses in Hampshire and afar. Law firms, accountants, funeral directors, aviation, leisure and tourism are usually good!

What’s your industry or personal tip? Focus on putting together case studies about your business and talk about them online! 

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m chairman at Fareham College and trustee at charity. I would advise anyone to give back and try to put something back into the local community!

Castle Water – Tamzin Hall 

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Any size company that pays for water on their business site. 

What’s your industry or personal tip? Use this time to support your existing clients! We have lots of interesting and helpful content to help you save money on our website here. 

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m currently learning to play the saxophone.

Dale Carnegie – Charlotte Stanley

Who is your ideal client/referrer? We usually work with larger SME’s for group training and performance change. However, our individual courses are for anyone that wants to improve their leadership/presentation/communication skills.

What’s your industry or personal tip? Now is the a great time for training and invest in your teams, focus on wellbeing, upskills and working more effectively. We have free online sessions anyone can attend here 

What’s a fun fact about you? I once trained to be an actorand ended up doing on screen fighting with swords for a film called ‘In Fabric’ which is currently on NOW TV. Watch the last three minutes to see me in action!  

Totally About You – Alan Bassil 

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Anyone looking for personalised gifts or businesses with existing brands and products. Our ideal clients usually are vineyards, businesses rewarding staff and homebuilders. 

What’s your industry or personal tip? Keep yourself visible online and make people know you are there. Don’t sell on social media right now, it is more about sharing useful information and tips. Using Google Ads to target anyone that’s actively looking for your services.

What’s a fun fact about you? I’ve delivered two out of my three children myself because an ambulance hadn’t arrived in timeJust 38 more to become a qualified midwife! 

Diabetes Research & Wellness FoundationTim Green 

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Any business that wants to grow their brand of alongside the charity. 

What’s your industry or personal tip? Ask for advice and share more so now than ever. Don’t be afraid to ask, someone can only say no!

What’s a fun fact about you? I’ve been interviewed by Michael Aspell from This Is My Life. I also used to be a football manager, hence why I’m going for the Pep Guardiola look!

The Network My Club Online Member Meetups are in place to ensure our valued members don’t lose sight of the reason they joined us in the first place – to meet the best, like-minded professionals.

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