In our latest Online Meetup with Network Pompey Business Club members, we were given rules to follow in a crisis from a former Head of Media and Corporate Communications at Hampshire Police, easy ways your business can save money on water bills, top HR tips and much more!

The session provided each attendee – on a one-by-one basis – the opportunity to talk about their businesses, share who their ideal client is, a success story, insightful industry tip and give us a fun fact about themselves.

Check out if you’re there ideal client, can act as a good referrer, will benefit from a top industry tip and a fun fact about them below!

Briscoe PRKevin Briscoe

Who is your ideal client/referrer? At the moment we’re working with companies in the legal, hospitality, aviation and leisure & tourism industries. However, we’re looking for any business that’s looking towards how they’re going to recover after this. Everyone needs PR as we’ve all got a story to tell and audience to reach.

What’s your industry tip? The rule always is: whenever there’s a crisis, find a way to draw a line in the sand. We’ve reached this point, now look at how we’re now going to move forward. How are you going to be able to be best positioned when we come out the other side of this and people are back to work. We’re offering free advice/help/support to any organisation!

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m a Pompey (Portsmouth FC) season ticket holder and we also co-sponsor a player, James Bolton!

Castle WaterTamzin Hall

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Anyone that has business premises that pays their water bill. Can offer help and advice to everybody!

What’s your industry tip? Anyone in the country that is closing offices/shops/premises, complete a temporary closure form. Find the form and more top tips here.

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m studying towards a degree in organisational psychology. Highly recommend a book called: ‘The Happiness Advantage’.

cooperativeHRTheresa Cooper

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Any businesses on South Coast/South London with 20-50 employees that need help with their HR!

What’s your industry tip? People will have to cut staff/wages, but think about how you’re treating staff during this time. 

What’s a fun fact about you? I spent a night at the Tower of London!

Hampshire Flag CompanyTom Leighfield

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Charity, sporting venues and car dealers. But can be anyone looking for a flag!

What’s your industry tip? We are having a refurb and now have the largest fabric printer in Europe.

What’s a fun fact about you? I DJ in my spare time!

Nigel Francis Wealth ManagementNigel Francis

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Any one aged 40+ that will have a number of pensions or has moved role from a number of companies and needs to review it. Also, anyone over 55 can access their pension now, which could be helpful during these uncertain times.

What’s your industry tip? There’s a high amount of people that have life cover, but don’t have a will – I’ll get this sorted for you for free. If you do have money to put into market, don’t lump into it, put in regular premiums.

What’s a fun fact about you? I played international hockey when I was younger!

Dale CarnegieCharlotte Stanley

Who is your ideal client/referrer? We usually work with larger SME’s for group training and performance change. However, our individual courses are for anyone that wants to improve their leadership/presentation/communication skills.

What’s your industry tip? We have three free online free webinars coming! Book onto them here.

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m a person trainer in my spare time! In these times, I’d highly recommend Dale Carnegie’s book: ‘How to stop worrying and start living

Diabetes Research & Wellness FoundationTim Green

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Naturally, any one with type 1/2 Diabetes. But a particular focus is any local businesses that I can build relationships with. A business can benefit from a charity in many ways, like helping improve visibility and brand awareness.

What’s your industry tip? Always ask! If someone says no, you’re not worse off.

What’s a fun fact about you? Pompey season ticket holder to his sins. Musical shame is Lionel Richie.

The Network My Club Online Member Meetups are in place to ensure our valued members don’t lose sight of the reason they joined us in the first place – to meet the best, like-minded professionals.

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