In our latest Online Meetup with Network Pompey & Network Hampshire Business Club members, we were given advice to help prevent fires at home, how to stay visible online, top tips to maintain positive mental health and more!

The session provided each attendee – on a one-by-one basis – the opportunity to talk about their businesses, share who their ideal client is, a success story, insightful industry tip and give us a fun fact about themselves.

Check out if you’re there ideal client, can act as a good referrer, will benefit from a top industry tip and a fun fact about them below!

Benfield Fire SafetyJason Sugden

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Care homes, charities, and any venue that needs help with their fire safety. We recently starting working with The Ageas Bowl!

What’s your industry tip? Test your smoke detectors once a month! Don’t use electrical appliances when you aren’t in your house, the largest percentage of fires come from washing machines.

What’s a fun fact about you? I enjoy cycling!

Briscoe PRKevin Briscoe

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Predominantly South Coast businesses. Example industries are: funeral directors, aviation, travel & tourism, legal services. However, during this time, it’s really anyone looking for businesses that are keen to start thinking about the recovery.

What’s your industry tip? Keep talking about what your business is/does online. Write content that’s relevant and keep your social media platforms up to date as much as possible!

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m a journalist by training and was a showbiz reporter. I was lucky to interview Nicole Kidman, Lennie Henry and loads of Hollywood and TV stars!

Lucketts Travel GroupDaniel Morton

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Any that needs to transport one or a group amount of people. Looking for businesses that have a travel needs, for example those that transport employees daily due to lack of car parking space.

What’s your industry tip? Be collaborative as you can in these times. We can also help NHS workers/charities during this time for free so please get in touch!

What’s a fun fact about you? Football is a hobby… but not a skill

The Thrive TeamAlison Grady

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Our main key contacts are normally senior HR people in SME’s that want mental health training.

What’s your industry tip? Be active, keep learning, find a new hobby, read a new book, be there to listen to someone, taking notice of what’s happening around you and be more present of your surroundings. We are hosting lunchtime online huddles for wellbeing for social connection but to share tips. Find more info about the online huddles here.

What’s a fun fact about you? I recently started training with a PT (which has now moved online!) and want to sign up for a tough mudder!

TXM TechnologyLouise Helyer

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Anyone in a digital/technical capacity, software development, web development, IT services, web engineer. We work with agencies or in house.

What’s your industry tip? If you’re recruiting, try and be as proactive as you can when speaking to potential new staff.

What’s a fun fact about you? I work as a musical director for a lot of local theatre companies.

Arbor CulturalTom Thompson

Who is your ideal client/referrer? Care homes, schools, development sites, any land owner that has trees that need inspecting for health & safety! Any sites that have vegetation around the edge.

What’s your industry tip? Speak to a tree consultant before speaking to a surgeon.

What’s a fun fact about you? I’ve booked a holiday to Madagascar in November, which is, of course, tree related!

The Network My Club Online Member Meetups are in place to ensure our valued members don’t lose sight of the reason they joined us in the first place – to meet the best, like-minded professionals.

Find out more about the Network My Club Online Member Meetups here.