Network Royals Business Club members were the first to try out our new Online Member Meetups! 

The session provided each attendee – on a one-by-one basis – the opportunity to talk about their businesses, who their ideal client is, some success stories, companies they are looking to meet and share an insightful industry tip or company news. 

Check out if you work in an industry they’re looking meet, can act as a referrer or can benefit from an industry tip or some advice below! 

Ally & Mo MediaRob Molloy

Who is your ideal client? Video works in any industry, but we’re trying to reach high level decision makers who have communications as part of their role. For example, someone working in PR/Marketing/HR. These people can use us to improve internal communication – something many don’t think about! 

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Marketing/design agencies, event organisers, venues.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Bar TV commercials, you need to approach video content from the perspective of storytelling, not selling. Tell a good story and people will not only remember you but feel an affinity as well. Check out Rob’s latest blog here.

Arbor CulturalTom Thompson

Who is your ideal client? Architects, estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, schools, hotels, property professionals.

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Solicitors, Councils, Commercial Property Agents

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Something which I am adopting myself in my line of work: you don’t need to meet customer! Meetings can easily be had online. In my case, they just need to have access to the site. 

AudiotekChris Kmiec

Who is your ideal client? Hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels), I.T, gyms/health clubs, event organisers.

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Main contractors that manage construction of buildings, architects, IT consultants – anything electrical! Maintenance teams/project management teams.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? During this uncertain time, support your local businesses in the hospitality trade.

Libertad GrowthCarl Garrod

Who is your ideal client? Print / direct mailing, software, accountancy. All mainly SME’s. Anyone that has the problem of running a busy business so doesn’t have time for prospecting.

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Marketing agencies.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Keep on prospecting, keep on looking for business. Think about people that will still need what you do in a few months ago. Be persistent but never pushy. 

Lucketts Travel – Daniel Morton

Who is your ideal client? Entertainment industry, employee transport, schools/education/universities, sports clubs/teams. Anywhere where group travel is needed!

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Large event organisers and venues.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Support small businesses during this difficult time and be good to your customers – it’ll pay off.

R&J SolutionsRichard Ranson

Who is your ideal client? Service industry – hotels/spas/bars/restaurants etc. – anyone with limescale issues that are handling a lot of water. We can also help to reduce electricity bills.

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Suppliers to hotel trades (event coordinators), architects doing building work, people that have good contacts in facilities, plumbers, engineers dealing with hotels.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Assess threats to yours and your peer’s businesses and support each other, for example: social media engagement, testimonials, referrals.

Smart PAMichelle Redpath

Who is your ideal client? Managing Directors or business owners that need to free up time. Work across a range of sectors. Qualified bookkeeper as well!

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Accountants, Business Coaches.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? If working from home: turn off distractions, do the worst task on your to do list first and follow a schedule!

Social Media DirectionsZack Jones

Who is your ideal client? Anyone looking to use social media schedule software! Business advisors, accountants and legal firms is a focus.

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Anyone using social media software that is looking to try something new. To give an example of versatility, we recently worked with Grosvenor Casino’s on a successful campaign to drive attendance to an event.

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Especially during this time, engagement on social media is vital! Social media worldwide has gone up 20%.

The Resilience and Results Specialist – Marlena O’Donnell

Who is your ideal client? Someone who is a professional, going through life changing event or is feeling stuck, someone who wants more resilience, more courage, get better results in any part of life.

Who are good referrer/partner/supplier industries? Accountants, Solicitors, Recruiters, HR – but open to all!

What’s your valuable tip/knowledge/news? Taking time out after work/away from your laptop. Spend 30 min to declutter your mind/read a book/sit outside.

The Network My Club Online Member Meetups are in place to ensure our valued members don’t lose sight of the reason they joined us in the first place – to meet the best, like-minded professionals.

Find out more about the Network My Club Online Member Meetups here.