We will be following appropriate advice from the government and NHS, but until advised otherwise, all Network My Club events will be taking place as scheduled, with bookings still coming in for all upcoming events. 

A level of due diligence is required, especially in a networking environment, so we ask all attendees to take the below advice on board pre/post attending an event. 

Using NHS advice to avoid catching or spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would advise following these steps when attending a networking event: 

  • Wash your hands with soap and hot water often – do so for at least 20 seconds 
  • Always wash your hands when arriving and leaving an event
  • Use hand sanitiser when you see fit – this will be provided at all our events 
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze 
  • If using tissues, please put them in the bin provided by each venue straight away and wash your hands 
  • If you do feel uncomfortable shaking hands, this will be taken on board and understood by all attendees 
  • If feeling unwell, please consider the potential health precautions on other attendees 

At each event, there will be fully stocked soap and hot water in toilets, and we will supply hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes at the front desk of each event. 

Network My Club’s Founder and Managing Director, Bradley Hatchett, has stated, “There are many businesses, like our own, that are likely to feel the short-term effects during this period of uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus. So, it is our duty to act responsibly and sensibly to allow business to continue as normally as possible and keep providing opportunities to keep business moving. 

We fully respect the policies implemented by some larger organisations regarding external meetings and events, however many SMEs are continuing and need to continue activity as usual until advised or forced otherwise, as we will be too. 

I and the team are continually assessing the situation, seeking and adhering to advice from our stadium venue partners, the government and National Health Service regarding protocol. 

Regarding attending events, we ask attendees to use common sense and good hygiene. As stated above, our team and venues alike will provide numerous antibacterial and sanitising options, and of course do ask those experiencing any symptoms to avoid attending. 

In this period of hopefully short-term concern and uncertainty needn’t warrant long term decisions so let’s rile together as a small business community, keep supporting others as best you can and come out the other side of this stronger as a result.” 

There are simple ways to do your upmost to prevent potential spreading. For example, the Network My Club team are utilising the option to work remotely when possible, when at events are advised to use due diligence when speaking/shaking hands of attendees by not touching their face and washing hands afterwards after contact, clean keyboard and phone with anti-bacterial wipes frequently, and use anti-bacterial gel. 

Any questions, please do contact the Network My Club team directly at events@networkmyclub.co.uk or call 01903 898025 and we will be happy to discuss.