Online Membership (Unlimited)

£49.00 / month with a 14-day free trial


Unlimited Membership includes:
✓  Onboarding call with our Membership Manager, Claudia
✓  Company website profile and listing on Member Directory
✓  FREE access to regional online meetups on Zoom
✓  FREE access to group-wide online meetups on Remo
✓  Marketing discovery session with our Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, Anders
✓  Submit offers and news to other members
✓  Submit company news, offers and events to be included in our monthly members e-newsletter and blog round-ups
✓  Submitted content included in blog round-ups shared via Network My Club social media
✓  Use of Network My Club member logo on your website, email signature and/or marketing material
✓  Access to Membership Partner discounts (available to all your employees)

Upgrade to Premium for £20 extra per month. Includes Unlimited, PLUS:

✓  Monthly 1 to 1 call with the Network My Club team
✓  50% discount on Remo online meetup sponsorship package

Start now and enjoy a 14 day free trial...

Cancel anytime during the 14 day period. First subscription payment will be taken 14 days from joining. Membership is companywide meaning any from your company can attend events. Multiple employees cannot take out membership receive free trial.