6 barriers to success. How to break them to succeed. Ash Taylor joined us for a Q&A at our last online meetup of 2020!

Ash explained what the barriers are, what it takes to overcome them, and how he uses his experience working with athletes to help businesses.

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Martin Booth Q&A

In your book ‘Hitting The Wall’ you talk about business owners breaking through barriers to succeed. What sort of barriers are you talking about?

There are many barriers to success, but I believe these are the key 6:

  • Failure to identify priorities
  • Not understanding what you could be doing vs what you should delegate
  • Believing reacting is more important than building the vision
  • Procrastination based on subconscious scripts that subvert your behaviour
  • Allowing fear to masquerade as perfection
  • Believing failure is not an option

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In your experience, apart from the obvious things like cash flow, what are the key things that prevent businesses from growing?

Procrastination based on subconscious scripts that subvert your behaviour. There’ll be people thinking no one else can do your job as good as you. It’s a voice in our head. We all have a script telling us what we can and can’t do. They start helping you cheat. A big thing is understanding those scripts.

Allowing fear to masquerade as perfection. For example, in my book I know there are four spelling mistakes in my book. Thats after 2 times of proof read. Was I going to delay the release yet again? Absolutely not.

Perfectionism definitely gets in the way. You may have been told ‘failure is not an option’. But I believe failure needs to happen. The quicker you try and fail, the quicker you can then succeed.

If you take 100 athletes in most sports, you could argue there’s very little between them physically, technically and tactically. What separates number one from the rest?

It was Gary Player who said the difference between the best and worst golfer in the world is the six inches between your ears. It’s all down levels of confidence and what you believe you can do.

I’ve worked with different levels of players, some of them are almost prepared to fail and go again and again. It’s being resilient. If you’ve got that, you’ll get to the top.

I was speaking to a client last night and she has an opportunity to take her business online. She’s getting about 25 call opportunities a week. She’s not calling them. She’s not coming to the fact for the next 6/9 months her business has to stay online.

Why do people procrastinate?

Obvious answer is laziness, but it’s not. I believe people procrastinate because they’re afraid. Not necessarily failure, but often success.