First impressions matter. More so than ever online. Luke Quilter gave his top tips for being ‘virtually perfect’ at our Club-Wide online meetup!

Over 60 businesses joined us in our own virtual networking lounge on Remo. Luke gave tips for giving a good first impression virtually. As well as key things to bear in mind when delivering online events.

Thank you to meetup sponsor Sleeping Giant Media.

Martin Booth Q&A

What does being being ‘virtually perfect’ mean?

You used to be able to have tangible things you could use to give away a good first impression, but one thing the last 8 months has taught us is that it’s very different in a virtual world.

Some people dial in and their backgrounds are not great or cameras don’t work. What people seem to forget is that, that’s the first impression. This massively matters when networking online.

Think about the things you can control. Can you optimise your virtual display. How do you stand out against your competition in a virtual environment.


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What are your tips for giving a good first impression at virtual events?

The easiest and quickest win is lighting. It makes the biggest difference. Have some front lighting rather than behind you. You’ll find the camera works better as well.

Tech. Having a decent microphone and camera will massively help. It allows you a bit more control to up the baseline quality.

The energy level that’s required to deliver a virtual event needs to be higher. You’ve got to really bring excessively high energy levels to help your personality come across.

Use the platform to your advantage rather than seeing it as a negative.

What are the key things When it comes to delivering online vents, what are the ket things to be ‘virtually perfect’?

A lot of it relies on the host. It’s important that whoever is hosting is able to front the event, but also have a tech team behind you. Try and engage and connect with people during the event.

What are some tools you’d advise people to use to stand out from the crowd?

A lot of people are Zoomed out. People aren’t necessarily bored of the technology, it’s actually because the content is rubbish. People are trying to take offline presentations online. It doesn’t work.

We use a platform called OBS which allows you to do really interesting things like push videos into the stream and adds an aspect of creativity. It’s about making it an experienc