What’s your 10 word business pitch?

That was the key tip and challenge Martin Booth shared as guest speaker at our Club-Wide meetup. He joined us for a Q&A to discuss writing engaging copy on LinkedIn and email to enhance your networking.

Read Martin’s tips or watch the full Q&A below.

Thank you to meetup sponsor Castle Water.

Martin Booth Q&A

How can people enhance their networking through good copy?

It’s all about communication. Engaging people and telling stories. It’s about listening to people and engaging. I don’t think anyone would go in to an in-person event and start spraying business cards about.

Have a 10 word pitch that sums up exactly what you do. Something that grabs attention but also how to help people.

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How do you make your LinkedIn copy eye catching?

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn. It’s about keeping it simple, don’t cram too much into your profile or posts. Tell a story about the difference you’ve made to someone! It’s how we communicate as human beings. Illustrate what you do.

One of my clients was a mortgage provider and they were struggling for copy. I told them to write about the people you helped and the difference they made. That’s the story.

Keep it simple. Tell stories. And engage with people.

How can you be more personable when writing copy? 

Put yourself in the shoes of who is reading it. Again, keep it simple and personable. Show that you’ve really engaged with them as a person, especially with the first follow up.

What are the key things to avoid?

The first thing is to accept that it’s very hard to write about yourself. Ideally get someone else to do it. Again, keep it simple and don’t write too much. People want to hear about what’s in it for them and how you can make a difference. Focus on the person that is listening to you.

Make sure your grammar and spelling are on point, people will subconsciously mark you down if it isn’t quite right.

What questions should people be asking themselves when writing copy?

1) Who are you wanting to talk to and 2) Why you?