You don’t go to the gym expecting instant results. The same goes with your marketing. 

Creative Pod CEO Matt Turner joined us for a Q&A at our Club-Wide Online Meetup, discussing what companies should be doing to market themselves out of the pandemic, where to focus their time and effort, tips for content creation and much more.

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Q&A with Matt Turner

What are your top tips for marketing out of a pandemic?

The key is to have a plan. 18 months ago people were putting 12 months together. If you can put a 12 month plan together during these times you should be doing something else than marketing.

Do a rolling 3 month plan includes some core objectives and targets that you genuinely think are achievable. So you know what success look like.

Marketing your business is no different to weight loss. If you’re working with an agency it’s like hiring a personal trainer. Not everything in the gym is going to work, you can’t cheat, you still have to get out of bed at 6 o clock in the morning. It’s just as much on you as it is your agency if you’re working with one.

If you’re not, it’s easy to put a 1 page plan together: who you want to target, what you want to say to them,  what you want to get it from it and then how you’re going to get in front of them.

If you don’t have a plan you’re going to waste time, money and effort you’ll never get back again. Don’t procrastinate, be consistent and make sure you prioritise marketing.

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What should companies be doing to market themselves?

Ultimately it depends on your budget.

If you are going to market yourself from a digital perspective, make sure you can track every single thing you’re doing. 

I feel like marketing is going to the casino. One minute you play and win, the next game you’re twice down what you won. You must enter marketing with that in mind. Never place your life savings on it and definitely not more than you can afford to lose. And don’t expect to win every time.

Consistency, time, money, effort and energy are key.

Look at marketing for business like a cake: each slice is a different type of activity. 

Where should businesses be marketing themselves?

Looking at social media as an example, within a 30 second Google search you’ll know what social media platforms are relevant to what industries and sectors. 

There are many people singing in an empty room and doing it for the sake of it. It’s pointless.

If you sell million pound sports cars you don’t open your showroom in a middle of a council estate because the land was cheap. You need to know product and customers. Once you know that it’s easy to get your message in front of them.

Use Google Analytics and website data to find out information about your customers. 

For me marketing is the person that makes the bullets, sales is the person that fires the gun. But the person who fires the bullet needs to know how the gun works.

What is the biggest mistake people make when marketing their business?

A lot of people don’t understand what marketing is. They think it’s this magic wand that you wave then you wake up one morning and have loads of customers.

Another mistake people make is not spending enough money. You’ve got to have the budget for the journey.

What’s one tip you’d give for someone starting to look into their marketing strategy and implementation?

I wouldn’t put it all on Digital. That’s a real false economy. Spread the budget out and do it consistently for four months. Then have a look at what the results are.

If it’s the first time you’ve ever dipped your toe into that water, I would suggest it’s sensible to start that process thinking you’ll get nothing from it. Apart from the bill at the end. It should be a process to learn. You have to start somewhere.