Where’s your business now? Where do you want it to be? How do you get there?

Very relevant topics of conversation at our first Club-Wide Online Meetup of 2021!

Sandra Murphy joined Bradley Hatchett on screen for a Q&A to discuss the importance of reviewing, planning, goal-setting and strategy ahead for 2021.

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Following the latest lockdown announcement, what common questions are you being asked by businesses?

It’s not so much questions. It’s more how people are feeling. When we look back to the furlough extension announcement in November, we had to expect to be in and out of lockdown until it’s scheduled to end in April.

I’ve heard people say ‘we’re back to square one’. We’re not! We’ve got the benefit of 9 months worth of experience working like this.

The first thing I’m telling people to do is review. Look back and identify what went well and not so well in 2020. Then think about how that impacts your business, clients and marketplace.

Learn from what you’ve experienced, then plan forward.

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    How have you been working with your clients to plan for 2021?

    The first thing I talk to business owners is: what are your personal aspirations? if you know what you want from your business, you can set it up in such a way so you can achieve it and have a happier, slightly less stressful life.

    Be clear what you want to get out of this year, then work out how your business can supply that for you.

    As you start to set your business goals the key question is always to be asking yourself is not what do I do, but what’s the purpose of your business. What solutions do you provide for people? How has that changed over the last 9 months? How do you continue to provide for people?

    Always double check that the solution you provide is what your clients want from you.

    Why should people focus on their purpose?

    People don’t buy what we do. They buy the solution we provide for them.

    People don’t choose to engage with Business Doctors because they want to sit and talk about their business. They talk to them because they think that by talking about their business they will identify where they are now, where they want to be in the future and how to close the gap.

    Always have a purpose for everything you do. For example, what’s your purpose for turning up to a networking event? Lead generation? Awareness? Profile?

    Q1 might look very different to what many people may have been expecting. How do you go about planning for the year ahead?

    The starting point would be to first take a step back. Before you go to look at Q1 look at the big picture. Things may be very different in Q2.

    Start to identify what you do know. We know we’re in lockdown. Furlough is in place until April. Working from home is here to stay. Ask yourself the question: how does this effect my business?

    Keep an eye on your competitive market. There are some going under, but there are also many coming into your marketplace.

    What’s one piece of advice you’d share?

    Don’t be frightened of change. Change is actually a good thing. Also don’t be frightened of changes that you implement not working.

    It’s important to have the approach to change that if it works, great, if it doesn’t we will identify why it didn’t work and change it again.