Guest speakers at Network My Club events have come from all walks of life, providing delegates with an interesting insight into their careers or lives, whether that be business, sport, or perhaps something motivational and inspiring, from climbing Mount Everest to rowing the Atlantic Ocean!

To speakers, it provides an excellent opportunity and platform to speak to a vast room of businesses, sharing their story, providing valuable takeaways for guests or an insight into their work that delegates could benefit from.

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Previous Speakers Include

Thanks for inviting me to speak at your event, I had a great time. I’ve already booked one job off the back of it (I had the request before I even got home) and made several more very valuable contacts!

Alison Mowbray

Olympic Medallist and Speaker

Really enjoyed speaking to such a well attended group of businesses about my ‘How Many Elephants’ project, I met and spoke to some great people!”

Holly Budge

Adventurer and Speaker

“Fantastic to have the opportunity to speak. Such a variety of businesses at the event who were a pleasure to speak to, with some also wanting me to work with them!”

Mick Dawson

Ocean Rower, Sailor and Speaker

Interested in being a speaker?

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