Double Paralympic medalist, Ian Rose, joined us at Reading Football Club for the January Network Royals Business Club networking lunch!

Ian is one of Great Britain’s most successful Paralympic judoka and was a torchbearer and an Opening Ceremony performer for the London 2012 Paralympic Games, as well as winner of two Paralympic, five World Championship and nine European Championship medals in judo. Ian now transfers the incredible resilience he has built following a somewhat turbulent childhood having been labeled ‘different’ by other children, unexpected failures when competing in the highest level competitions and being forced out of competing in the 2012 London Paralympics due to injury, to teach businesses a strategy for building resilience to cut out their anti-bounce back ability. 

Being able to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and try again – at any point in your life – is one of the most useful skills a human can have.

When going into businesses, the first question Ian poses is: “What’s your purpose?”. Having a purpose for everything, asking yourself why and challenging your mindset in every situation will ensure you stay on top of your game – something he has learnt the hard way. Now, by the time he’s 65 Ian’s personal purpose in life is to inspire 250,000 people.

Learn more about Ian’s ‘Stategy For Building Resilience’ programme and how he can help your business here.

New Network Royals members were introduced, which included Brandtastic, Gorringe Accountants, Steven Townsend Wealth Management and R&J Solutions.

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