Networking isn’t easy. Take a look at our top tips that will make you walk into the room like you own it!

Know why you’re there. What do you want to achieve at networking events?

–       Raise your company profile?

–       Make valuable new contacts?

–       Generate referrals?

Do you have a 60 second elevator pitch?

–       Create a 60 second pitch to describe your business and objectives clearly and concisely. We also advise including in the pitch what types of businesses you are looking to meet and how you could help others.

–       How can you make yourself memorable? Bring props which visually shows off your expertise. Received testimonials from satisfied customers? Let people know (even better is that customer is in the room too!).

Leaving your comfort zone…

–       It’s easy to seek out and speak to people you know. Look out for those you are yet to meet, then when the opportunity arises, make conversation. Remember, everyone is there to network so will expect and be happy to chat! 

In it for the long-term…

–       It takes time to build rapport and trust within a group. Treat networking as a long-term investment, and like anything, measure your ROI after a period of time to assess if it’s working!

Listen to people – ask questions…

–       Take an interest in others. Find out why they are there and what they want to achieve.

–       See if other people’s objectives match yours and find some common ground. 

Pre and post event… 

–       Research the businesses and delegates attending from the guest list sent prior to the event. Identify those you want to meet and ask the organisers to point them out or make introductions.

–       After the event is just important as during. If you say you’re going to email someone or make an introduction, do it!

–       Social media is key too. Connect with people via LinkedIn, Twitter etc and keep yourself updated.

Be prepared to give, rather than take…

–       Chances are, the person you meet at an event does not require your services immediately (great if they do!). Therefore, be prepared to offer beneficial introductions for that person to others within your network.

–       This helps you be seen as a valuable contact and builds trust from the outset, which may prove fruitful for you in the future in new business or them returning the favour. Remember, networking is a long term investment!

General networking etiquette…

–       Looking and feeling good is vital for your networking confidence. Appropriate, clean and comfortable attire for YOUR business!

–       Encourage others to join your conversations with open body language.

–       Try to arrive early or on time. Arriving in good time will not only maintain stress levels, but allow you to familiarise yourself with the room and begin to form your own conversations.

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