The million-dollar question. What’s the Hospitality, Venues & Events industry going to look like post-lockdown? That’s what was discussed at our online meetup for those sectors.

Hybrid Events. Education. Creativity. All topics covered by our speakers Ashanti Bentil-Dhue and Kate Plowright.

Read 5 key points from each panelist, view other upcoming online meetups and watch the full length Q&A below.

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue (Owner of EventMindPro)

  • B2B events will be hybrid. Meaning there’ll virtual and physical events. B2C events will go back to some sort of ‘normal’. The public are eager to go out again. Some may have more disposable income. Want to see friends and family. Have an eagerness to support local and get out to socialise.
  • Using virtual to create a community. Sell in-person and virtual tickets to events. Therefore, those that are comfortable with attending physically can, and those that aren’t can also experience it. Offering an event virtually will also allow people – potentially in different time zones – to take part in the event after it’s scheduled time. The result will be bigger reach/more revenue. Use virtual events to bring your social media followers into your subscriber list.
  • Creating a content studio. If you’re a venue – create a content studio for your venue to share. This can be a place where people can record video, podcasts, film, take pictures and stream live. This content can there be repurposed in future. This maximises your content value.
  • Marketing of venues will change. Focusing on experience. Be clear on the safety measures you have in place. Don’t overcomplicate. But don’t keep talking about it either, having health & safety measures will become expected. Do talk about how you’re different.
  • Replacing promo items? Create QR codes that go to immersive landing pages. Use video on that. Make sure it says everything the customer needs to know. Respond to website enquiries sharpish. Create a sequence of emails or have someone who is calling them back immediately. Don’t send to social media page, instead a dedicated page.

Kate Plowright (Owner of Selling Savvy)

  • Experience when attending an event. You’ll need to prove to the customer that the in-person experience will be worth it, otherwise it’ll be all online. That experience will never be the same again, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Those that have invested in AV are seeing an influx of bookings. It’ll be a definitive factor for when people are booking events. You can source it externally, but your in-house staff will need to know how it works.
  • Educating your team. Clients will expect them to know new rules, what you can and can’t do, and how to use equipment like AV.
  • Creating a ‘wow’ experience. The only way to create a ‘wow’ experience that can be guaranteed is to collaborate with suppliers/other businesses. This’ll be where sales are going to come from.
  • Don’t increase or lower your prices. Be creative with what you’re offering, savvy with experience and educate people. You team may have got smaller, so thoroughly invest in them. It’s not just what a venue can offer in person, but afterwards as well.
  • Will physical promotional items stop? Potentially. Two angles of why: people don’t want to spread germs and the sustainability aspect. I recommend having business cards with QR codes on the back linking to your LinkedIn profile and a bespoke made brochure.


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Wednesday 15th July


Hospitality, Venues & Events

Thursday 30th July