Everyone works in an industry where someone can do it for cheaper, right?

Network My Club Founder & Managing Director, Bradley Hatchett, addresses the challenges we face when it comes to our line of work and in particular, business networking events. In person and online.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to networking. There are many events out there. More and more coming (and inevitably) going.

That was the case in person, and now so online.

Running an online event is as easy as setting up a Zoom link right? Oh, if only!

With an influx of virtual events, it means the free online networking can be tempting. The idea of jumping into a networking event on Zoom and ‘seeing what you can get’. 

But do you step back and consider; What’s the format? Who’s attending? What platform is it on? What can I add to this event? Is this going to be valuable investment of my time?

Let me say this, not every online networking event is the same. They vary on different platforms. Different formats. Some good and some not so good. 

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard, “online networking doesn’t work”, after which they tell me they’ve attended one event and it was hosted on Zoom (typically free).

Sorry to break it to you, but online networking is like many other services. If you do it on the cheap and don’t see results you were hoping for, it’s likely you’ll bemoan the service or method, suggesting that it doesn’t work for you.

For the record, if that’s you, online networking does work. They are many memberships and events making it work. You’re just at the wrong event. 

So, what do you get when paying for an online networking event? Naturally I’ll use Network My Club as an example…

The Platform / Venue

If you pay to go networking, you should expect a better ‘venue’.

There’s a reason we’ve hosted our events at iconic sporting venues in the past. They’re inspiring, versatile and accessible.

The same applies to our online events.

We invested in Remo to offer attendees a unique online event experience. As a couple of our members kindly said below, the platform really is as close to the real thing as you can get.

The best online networking I have done. As good as the real thing but without the travel!”

Lena Taylor – n8

“The structure was excellent. As close to a face to face networking event online I’ve been to.”

Ben Woolford – Worldpay

Membership & Event Support

We have a team of four members of staff that are dedicated to ensuring each event is organised, attended and delivered to our expected high standards.

You’ll often find free networking groups are often run by those looking to promote themselves and get people ‘through the door’. This can result in you receiving no support, no formal structure of event, poor guest speakers and the whole thing can be a bit hit and miss. 

The success of Network My Club is built on the quality of our events and the level of service to our members. That’s why we pour our heart and soul into offering the best possible support throughout membership.

“Brilliant events, love the format. It’s much more like the real thing and great atmosphere. No other networking group helps and offers value to its members like Network My Club.“

Richard Ranson – R&J Solutions

Quality of Attendees

Because of our dedicated team, our focus is to ensure that our events consists of the best quality attendees, both in terms of seniority and decision maker level and the businesses themselves.

Businesses that pay for networking typically have money to invest in their marketing and therefore more often than not have a budget. They’re not just looking to offer their services, they’re often looking for suppliers and to spend money too.

“The way Network My Club online events are set up are amongst the very best I’ve experienced. I thoroughly recommend working with them to all considering.”

Chris Browne – Ted Baker Co-Founder

Guest Speakers

Another dynamic to our online networking events is the inclusion of inspirational, motivational and insightful guest speakers.

These talks allow our attendees to listen to an interesting story and attain some takeaways from the event to implement in their life or business. Our guest speakers to date have ranged from Olympic athletes, ex-military, adventurers, entrepreneurs and many others.

As I said, not every networking event is the same.

Come along and try one of our online networking events for yourself. We welcome businesses to try an event or two to understand how we work and test the format before deciding if it’s a good fit for their business.

We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.