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The Networker #12: 6 Networking Lessons [Visuals]

29 Mar, 2023
Read time: 2 minutes & 55 seconds

Today’s edition is a more visual edition.

As I share some of my most popular graphics from the #VisualiseNetworking content series on LinkedIn I’ve shared over the past 9-10 months. 

Quite simply, they are key networking lessons – in easy to digest visual format.

And today I’m sharing 6 that gained the most engagement on LinkedIn. Including a bonus one.

Few words are needed – but I’ve added my own commentary.

I hope you find it valuable.

Networking feels icky, awkward, and lonely – if you make it all about what YOU can get out of it.

Or if you’re always expecting something in return.

Focus on helping others, learning from them, and in turn building a diverse network and community.

You’ll find it more enjoyable.

You’ll have an army of advocates out there supporting you.

And you’ll find opportunities coming from places you never expect.

The two best times to network?

  1. When you need to
  2. When you don’t need to

The latter being the most important.

One of the most common objections to networking is a lack of time.

I get it, we’re all busy.

But networking only then leads to sales-oriented approach, instead of relationship-oriented.

Networking at both times helps you build more authentic relationships, without a desperation for sales.

Next time you’re about to skip an event event due to busyness, perhaps reconsider.

You could find it’s the best time for you to attend.

People don’t want to hear how busy you are at a networking event.

They want to know trends and insights in your business, challenges you’re facing, how you help others.

And ultimately; how to help you.

Yes, really.

Give them a chance – leave your ego at the door.

You’ll become more human.

And networking is about building human relationships first, business relationships second.

Don’t worry, you can get it on your way out.

The mentality that plagues networking: ‘what’s in it for me’.

Networking is often the start of the conversation. It’s about opening doors.

Approaching it thinking what you can get out it is a guaranteed way for them to be closed before you’ve even had chance to walk through them.

You’re far more likely to gain traction from networking by leading with:

  • ‘How can I help others’
  • ‘What can I learn from others’
  • ‘Who can I connect others with’

Don’t lead with your need.

You never know who someone knows. Or what they’ve done in life.

Ignoring this is what I call this ‘short sighted networking’.

Everyone has friends, relatives, past colleagues, teammates from hobbies, I could go on.

And away from an event, when the topic of what you do comes up, are you who they think of?

Not everyone you meet networking will be your target audience or need what you offer.

But they could know one, three, five, or even ten people that are or do.

You and a competitor attend the same event.

Firstly, that’s ok, there’s plenty of business to go around.

Here’s the kicker.

You attend every event consistently.

Your competitor attends occasionally.

When it comes to other members thinking about what you both do.

Or when they have someone they know needing what you both do.

Who are they likely to think of first?

Consistency always wins.


No words needed for this one.

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