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The Networker #19: Craft Your Perfect Introduction at Networking Events

17 May, 2023
Read time: 1 minute & 22 seconds (+ watch time)

“So what do you do?”

The most common question you navigate at a networking event.

And my guess is your answer ticks one (or more) of these:

    • Changes each time
    • You reel off a blabbering list of services and achievements
    • Vague and generic
    • Full of industry acronyms and buzzwords the person on the receiving end has no idea about (but are nodding away like they do)
    • It’s dull and boring (or you do one of my pet hates and play down what you do – e.g. “oh I’m just another boring X”)

Today, we fix that.

As your answer to this question can be a big factor in the direction that conversation (and relationship) takes.

Let’s dive in.

This week I’m outsourcing the knowledge in The Networker.

To Clay Hebert.

Because over the weekend I came across his TED talk; The Best Way To Answer “So What Do You Do?”

And every networker needs to see it.

I’ve watched it 3 times. And counting.


  1. Introductions are so often a car crash at networking events
  2. He and I share the belief that the idea of an ‘elevator pitch’ is outdated and needs to be killed
  3. First impressions count – and this will drastically improve your chances of making a good one
  4. You’re not taught how to craft the perfect intro (and if you are it’s in an archaic method)
  5. His method to creating a memorable and intriguing intro is too good to not share

​The video is 12 minutes 13 seconds, and is delivered in a compact, concise and formulaic way that anyone can apply.

It’s so worth your time.

You’ll come away from it with a new way of thinking.

And a smarter networker.

My Takeaways

    • Typical Intro v Perfect Intro
      • Typical: About you, complete, accurate
      • Perfect: About who you help, interesting, confident
    • Shoot for intrigue, not for information – this gets people wanting to find out more
    • His perfect introduction formula – which not only will help with your introduction at events, but clarifying your target audience
    • It’s ok to have more than one introduction – depending on who you’re speaking to or the context
    • How creating the perfect intro helps find compelling stories to bring what you do to life
    • Linking your perfect intro to a compelling story is the magic package

In doing so, he asks; who wouldn’t want to connect with you?

Craft your perfect intro by watching it below.

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