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The Networker #24: The Power of an Accountability Networker

27 Jun, 2023
Read time: 3 minutes & 22 seconds

I touched on this concept in edition #2 of The Networker.

And received a number of replies acknowledging.

The premise of finding an ‘accountability networker’.

And how it helps increase your consistency and likelihood of your networking achieving what you want it to.

Taking your networking from a single player game, to multi player.

Here’s how it works and where you can find one.

Why an Accountability Networker

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results.” – Bob Proctor

Networking can be lonely.

You can find your motivation wavering.

Before you know it, you’re not showing up for events.

Finding excuses to not go.

You’re slowing losing the zest for networking life.

Now whilst there may be other factors at play, there’s a tactic you can employ to help.

Enter: the accountability networker.

Someone you can join networking forces with.

Someone you can form a mutual agreement with to support and hold each other responsible for achieving specific networking goals or maintaining certain networking habits.

Like you’d have a training partner at the gym.

They help you get more out of your sessions. They motivate you. They ultimately keep you accountable to the fitness habit or goal you’ve set yourself.

When you’ve committed to someone, pulling out of a session or not showing up becomes that bit harder. You don’t want to let them down.

This is what your accountability networker can support you with, and vice versa.

How Does it Work

By sharing your goals and why you’re networking (as touched on in edition #1), your accountability networker can help achieve them.

Want to attend more consistently? Share that with a networking accountability partner so they can hold you to it.

Does your accountability partner want to meet more people in a certain industry? Keep them accountable by asking them who they’ve met each week.

Challenge each other, make a game of it, make it fun.

When you book onto an event, ask them if they have.

After an event, be first to ask them who they’ll be following up with.

Finding an Accountability Networker

And they aren’t hard to find.

It could be a friend or colleague.

Or another member within the group/groups you network within.

How about that person you often ask if they’re going to a certain event?

Or the person you find yourself gravitating towards as you move around an event?

These are all potential accountability networkers in waiting.

You feel comfortable with them, and know they’re serious about their networking too.

And trust me, they likely suffer from that lack of accountability and external motivation too.

Then, pop the question: “I’m keen to maintain my networking consistently, and help someone do the same, would you like to be accountability networkers?”

Insert your reasoning for finding an accountability networker as relevant.

Next, establish your preferred line of communication.

And start holding each other accountable!

The Wrap Up

The challenge with networking is you are fully responsible for the success and making it work.

Unlike most (if not all) other marketing functions in your business, you cannot outsource your relationships.

Your accountability networker serves as a trusted companion helping you stay on track, challenging you to stay committed, and keeping your networking motivation level high.

Help yourself out by getting an accountability networker.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Or are you doing this already?

Let me know.

Happy Networking, Networkers.

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