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The Networker #1: Why The Networker & Why You Network

11 Jan, 2023
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Why The Networker?

When you start businesses, you’re advised to go ‘networking’.

But you’re rarely shown where, and never how to do it.

Then you have to navigate the sea of networking events out there. All in different shapes and sizes. And finding the right ones can be frustrating, and costs you precious time and money.

The Networker aims to provide some guidance. Arming you with the mindset, frameworks, and tools to take your networking to the next level.

But who am I?

I’m Bradley Hatchett – Founder of Network My Club, and champion for improving the world of networking.

On a mission to make networking less frustrating, more rewarding, and more fun.

To make it something you want to do, rather that feel you need to (or fear).

Here to unpack my learnings from delivering 400+ events (and counting). And being fortunate to have met, observed and worked with 1000s of business owners.

And how do I define networking?

“Becoming the person people think of, when they think of what you do.”

In today’s 1st edition I felt appropriate to lean into why you network.

A good starting point whether you’re at the start of your networking journey, or on a path to improve and change.

Let’s do this – thanks for reading edition #1.

Why You Network?

Most (if not all), answer that question with a variation of ‘to grow my business’.

Great start – I can’t argue with that.

But it’s quite broad. Let’s dig a little deeper.

How will networking help you grow your business?

There are many obvious reasons networking can contribute to business growth.

As well as some overlooked, unconsidered and even hidden benefits. And below I’ve collated the most frequently shared.

A chance for you to consider or reassess (depending where you are in your networking journey) why you actually network.

The more obvious reasons are to:

    • Meet potential new clients
    • Build a professional network that’ll refer and recommend you
    • Connect with and learn from others in the same position
    • Explore new business partnerships
    • Gain new ideas and inspiration for your business
    • Ask for advice and share challenges
    • Grow a personal brand and reputation within your industry
    • Collaborate with others on joint projects or initiatives
    • Share ideas, advice and receive feedback on products or services

Some of the less obvious or hidden reasons:

    • Find new suppliers
    • Source funding or investment
    • Seek out mentors or advisors for your business
    • Recruit staff and build a pool of potential talent
    • Learn about trends and developments across various industries
    • Socialise and feel a sense of community (because running a business is lonely am I right?!)

I could go on.

But all those points will contribute to you achieving that goal of growing your business.

Did you notice?

There isn’t a point that relates to selling.

Networking is not selling.

That’s a point I couldn’t avoid getting in the #1 edition of The Networker.

Sales come from long term focus, investing your time, and being consistent.

Firstly, it’s about achieving the ultimate goal of networking – becoming the person people think of when they think of what you do.

Because if no one knows you, or knows of you, how will the growth come?

Consider Why YOU Network?

Look over the list and consider 2-5 reasons why you’re networking. And the points that’ll likely help you achieve your business growth goals.

Everyone has different goals, which is why you find different people network for different reasons.

Knowing why you network gives you direction.

They become your reference to help inform your decisions; e.g. where to network, who with etc.

But word of warning, don’t disregard the others. Keep an open mind.

You may be speaking to someone who can’t directly help you achieve your why to networking, but you never know who they know.

That’s the beauty of networking.

Knowing the why is a great starting point – the where, what and how you can learn and are skills you can hone.

That’s where The Networker comes in.

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