To make networking something you want to do, not feel like you have to.

Networking has long carried the stigma of being awkward. Cliquey. And in some cases, ‘cult like’.

In uninspiring venues, with people that didn’t want to be there.

We want to put an end to that.

You should be getting more from your networking. Not drifting from event to event not seeing the value good networking should provide.

Networking is our business.

And the success of our business is based on the quality of networking and success our members have.

If you win, we win.

How do we do it?

We team up with professional sports clubs and stadiums, to bring local SMEs quality networking at inspiring and elite sporting venues.

Our growing network of clubs means you can network locally, as well as further afield to expand your reach.

Our membership gives you the support to get the most from your networking. With exclusive benefits thanks to our club and stadium partners.

And since 2020, we evolved to offer online networking. Which in turn has made our community even more diverse and inclusive, allowing members to meet other members from different towns and cities across the UK.

With both in-person and online, we’re looking forward to shaping the future of networking.

Who are you?

You like to help others. Our members share that one trait.

If you have that, we can help you.

If you’re looking for a quick win from one or two events, we’re not for you.

People buy people. We want to get to know you and put you in front of and with the right people.

We believe great networking equals opening great business opportunities.

And when you commit to improving your networking, you open yourself to more opportunities and stronger business relationships.

We will work with you and your company to achieve that.

This is new age networking. we invite you to join us.

Meet The Team

Richard Worth


Richard brings a wealth of experience to NMC. With 20 years as Head of Production for ITV Sport, followed by Chief Executive roles at TEAM Marketing and SportFive, as well as Chairman of The Americas Cup. A big sport fan and a Brighton & Hove Albion FC season ticket holder.

Archie Hampshire

Membership & Events Marketing Assistant

Archie joined the team in 2021 and works with Samantha and Anders to promote our members and events. A Chelsea fan and keen on water-sports, he spent time abroad working in Greece as a windsurfing instructor.

Samantha Pond

Membership & Events Manager

Samantha ensures the NMC family (our members) are connected and engaged, with events purposeful and relaxing. Fun fact? She is cousins with Lily Allen. Dog mum to Oggy.

Nikita Cliff

Membership & Events Executive

Nikita, aka Nik Nak, works alongside Samantha to continually improve our events & membership experience. She enjoys cooking, swimming and yoga. Hates macaroni and blue cheese.

Bradley Hatchett

Founder & Managing Director

Bradley founded Network My Club in 2015 and steers the Network My Club ship. Outside of work he has a love for watching most sports, plays cricket, football and golf, has an eclectic music taste, likes to travel and is an avid reader.