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Networking Events

Make your networking something you want to do, not feel like you have to. Our weekly events connect you with hundreds of businesses across the South East, London and beyond. We invite you try it for yourself.

Company Membership

Join a supportive community of members, with access to events, exclusive benefits and a hands on membership support team with no other agenda but to help your business grow and achieve your networking goals.

Online Event Management

Stress no more. As online event specialists on Remo, you can use our expertise and experience to deliver an authentic, engaging and memorable online event. From awards celebrations to exhibitions, we can deliver it.

Our Mission & Approach

To bring business networking into the 21st century. To make it something you want to do. Rather than feeling like you have to.

Since 2015 we’ve been doing so with events at iconic sporting venues. And from 2020, a year of drastic change to the future of networking, we’ve done it online.

We’re not going back to how it was. We’re going forward to create the future of networking.

Business networking has carried the stigma of being cliquey. Or a stuffy room of sales people. Something that’s regimented. And in some cases ‘cult like’.  

We’ve put an end to that. Our events are something you look forward to. Our members, businesses of all shapes and sizes, share one trait; a mindset to help each other.

If you have that, along with a long-term view to your networking, we can help.

If you’re looking for a quick win and expect to find a new client from attending one or two events, we’re not for you. 

People buy people. People want to work with people they like. People they know. People they trust.

Networking done right can open many opportunities for your business. We will work with you and your company to help realise that.

This is new age networking. We invite you to join us.

“I’ve made so many connections through Network My Club. It’s simply the best format for meeting new businesses.”

Sonny Cutting

Managing Director, Network Xpress

“Great welcome and support from Claudia. A variety of warm and friendly members. Slick without being too corporate.”

Sarah Wilson

Director, Coastal Coaching

“Brilliant events, love the format and the great atmosphere. No other networking group supports and offers value to its members like Network My Club.

Richard Ranson

Director, R&J Solutions

“The best online networking I have done. As good as the real thing but without the travel!”

Lena Taylor

Director, n8

How to Prepare for an Online Meetup on Remo

Simple ways to prepare for an online networking meetup on Remo.

6 considerations when planning a virtual event

100 online events into our journey, we’re sharing our knowledge and experience with companies choosing to deliver their own events virtually.

Collaboration Over Isolation

Given the times we’re currently living in, forget competition. This is about collaboration over isolation.

Being an effective networker of the future

81% of businesses will combine physical and virtual networking. That’s according to 150+ business owners from our 2020 annual member survey. But how can you leverage both to reap your rewards from networking?

How can you best prepare for networking events?

To prepare for networking events is very often the last thing you think about when actually, it should be first on the to-do list.

3 Effective Questions to Ask When Networking

The most effective person at a networking event is not the best connected. It’s nor the richest. Or the person with the biggest business.

How to network online most effectively

How to get the most out of online networking events and make it an effective use of your time.

Why not ‘everyone’ will be your ideal client

Not everyone will be your ideal client. And that’s a good thing.

5 Misconceptions About Networking

It’s not uncommon for people to decline invites to our online meetups. The frustrating thing is when I find out why they don’t want to attend.

Why your networking membership is like your gym membership

You don’t go to the gym once and expect results. The same applies to your networking.

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