Frequently Asked Questions


What is the format of an event?

Our events are informal, yet structured and purposeful, over the course of two and half hours. The opening 45/60 minutes is open and informal networking, where the Network My Club team welcome attendees and are on hand to make introductions (from the delegate list you receive 24 hours in advance). 

Following a short welcome and introduction, food is served where you can find a seat anywhere in the room to enjoy. After food is an introduction to venue personnel, new members, as well as any member notices or announcements. Following a 10-minute comfort break to replenish teas/coffees is the guest speaker, after which the event is wrapped up and the remaining 30/45 minutes are for open networking to catch the people you hadn’t got to yet.  

What time of day are your events?

Typically, our events are over the course of a lunchtime, from 12-2.30pm, with the exception being the Network Albion Business Club at the Amex Stadium in Brighton, which is a breakfast from 8-10.30am.

Why do you use sporting venues?

As well as being accessible, versatile and inspiring, sporting venues are unique and very well known, meaning they are regularly used as an icebreaker for attendees.

It also makes a more attractive event to attend for businesses as they try avoiding the networking events that typically take place in bars, hotels, restaurants or meeting/function rooms.

What kind of businesses and people attend?

Our events attract majority Director level and decision maker lever delegates, from businesses across a vast range of B2B sectors. The size of businesses are typically mid-large sized SME’s, but we have everything from a one man band to blue chip corporates. 

Can our company visit an event before becoming a member?

Of course, we welcome businesses to come along and try us out before making commitment to joining. This allows businesses to understand the types of businesses we attract, meet our team and understand how we work, to make an informed and educated decision regarding membership.

To do so, simply find one of our upcoming events and book a place directly via the relevant event page.

Do I have to work in sports or be a sports fan to attend or join?

No. Our groups are open to businesses from all sectors and sizes, for those looking to expand their network with businesses in various industries.

Why do you include guest speakers?

Another dynamic to our events is the regular inclusion of inspirational, motivational and insightful guest speakers. These TED-style-talks allow our attendees to hear an interesting story and attain some takeaways from the event to implement in their life or business. Our guest speakers to date have ranged from Olympic athletes, ex-military, adventurers, entrepreneurs and many others.

Previous guest speakers can be found here.


Aside from events, what are the benefits of joining?

There are a host of benefits the Network My Club team can provide as part of the membership support, as well as venue specific benefits to aid business activity. This can range from use of corporate boxes to host an off-site meeting, to match tickets to incentive staff/clients, to discounts on conference and events space to use for external company events, conferences or meetings.

To find all benefits of membership to Network My Club, click here.

Are all events covered as part of membership?

Not quite. Your membership will cover the monthly events for the Business Club/Clubs your company join. However, once a member of a Business Club, you can attend as many of our other events you like by paying a discounted Network My Club group member rate, with no limit to the amount of times you can do this.

As members, do we pay extra to attend events?

No. One free place to every event is included in membership to the associated Business Club. Additional places for colleagues or guests, as well as Business Club events outside membership, can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Do you have a 'lock out' policy of one business per industry?

No. We welcome all businesses, of all sizes, allowing them the freedom to develop natural working relationships at events, whilst enjoying the benefits of membership on top of the events. 

Is membership for a company or an individual?

Membership to all business clubs are for the company, not an individual, meaning it is fully transferable and anyone can attend the events.

Do I have to attend the same Business Club event each month?

We advise you to do so to build up rapport with other members and become an integral part of the Business Club. This in turn will increase your chances of new trading opportunities, as well as generating referrals from other members.

Can I visit out other Business Clubs?

Yes. Once a member of at least one of our Business Clubs, you can then attend others at a discounted rate, with no limit to amount of times you can do this. Should you find you are attending other Business Clubs on top of your home one regularly, a cost-effective option would be for the company can extend the membership.

Do I need to arrange a substitute or will I be penalised if I cannot attend an event?

You absolutely won’t be penalised. However, we encourage you to send a representative from the company to attend (remember the membership is companywide) or even a client or connection so the place doesn’t go to waste! Attending regularly is one of our key tips when it comes to maximising a return on membership.

How do I maximise membership?

As part of the onboarding process as member, our team will arrange a strategic call with you to understand or define your networking objectives, learn about your company and get a picture of the types of businesses you are looking to meet.

Throughout membership, our team will also be on hand to work with you on various campaigns to members, whether that’s from a marketing perspective or at events, as well as understanding how it is working for you and if there is any more you can get out of it. 

Have a question we’ve not covered here?

Please get in contact with us directly, either via email at or 01903 898025.