What To Expect

We produced a 90 second video highlighting the inaugural meetup on Remo. This will give you a feel of how it will run.

What You'll Need

  • Headphones with built in microphone (strongly recommended to overcome potential audio issues on Remo detailed below) 
  • A notepad and pen to make notes (recommended) 
  • An open-minded approach, smile and friendly manner!

How to Prepare Technically (Audio & Visual)

  • Use a laptop or computer where possible. Remo’s compatibility on phone/tablet is still in development so not as efficient as the browser version. 
  • Use headphones with built in microphone. During our inaugural event, there were some technical issues with the audio, with echoing occurring. It appears the most common resolution to this was the use of headphones and built in microphone.
  • Test camera and microphone when prompted to when joining an event.
  • Turn down your speaker volume. If you are playing sound out loud, avoid the ‘echo’ effect by reducing this to a reasonable volume.
  • Plug your device to power. We don’t want to lose you halfway through the event!

How to Remove Echo When on Remo Video/Audio Call

Other Remo technical troubleshooting can be found here.

When You’re in the Event

Joining a Table

Simply double click on a table to join. Upon joining, if others are mid-conversations, perhaps wait until you can contribute or politely introduce yourself.

If the conversation is in a lull, get it flowing by considering one of the below questions… 

How to Get Conversation Flowing

These are not just our suggested questions to help conversation flow on Remo, but in networking generally!

Ask others: 

  • “Who are you here to meet or be introduced to?”
  • “What types of businesses or industries do you like to collaborate with?”
  • “What does the perfect referral look like?”
  • “How are you adapting your business in current circumstances?”
  • “What is the ideal profile of a client or project?”
Leaving a Table (Gracefully)

Use time at the event to meet new people and unearth opportunity for a more in-depth conversation afterwards. To leave a table, simply say your goodbyes, offer to connect on LinkedIn after the and if appropriate say what a pleasure it was.

They will understand. After all, they’re there to network too. 

Other How To's

Relevant to our events, from the Remo ‘Getting Started with Remo as an Attendee’ guide, here’s also how to: 

Get Started as an Attendee 

Connect up with Other Attendees 

Connect your LinkedIn account to your Profile 

Add a Meeting Booking Link to your Profile 

How to Use Remo as an Attendee (Video)

More Remo Help

The Remo Help Centre can be accessed during an event, but to avoid doing so to maximise your time at the event, it can be found here

To find out more about using Remo for your own eventsclick here.