Thousands of professional sports careers end every year. 

Then what? 

For most, it means going into the ‘real world’. Getting a ‘real’ job. After years of selfless sacrifice, discipline and relentless training. 

That’s why Network My Club have teamed up with LAPS: Life After Professional Sport. 

LAPS are a 5000+ strong membership of current and former professional athletes. All of whom are taking the step to prepare for life after sport. 

Networking plays a vital role in building businesses and careers, and a huge part in helping athletes bridge the gap between sport and business. It can prepare them for post-career opportunities either whilst they are playing or when retired.  

We want to play a part in this. 

The LAPS team will be engaging with the Network My Club membership community to meet businesses that can support athletes with that transition. 

Businesses can support LAPS in various ways, big or small, including: 

  • Work experience 
  • Training 
  • Advice and career guidance 
  • Workshops 

We’ll be working with LAPS to bring together respective memberships, collaborating on events and inviting LAPS members to speak at Network My Club events. LAPS members and partners will add huge value to Network My Club members. 

To find out more about LAPS and how to get involved as a business, visit the LAPS website here. 

Meet the LAPS team, their partners and members by becoming a Network My Club member. 

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