Like what we’ve done with the place? Network My Club online meetups have a new look and layout.

In recent months we have been learning what works. What layout, table size and format is most effective. Gathering feedback from members about what they want.

This is the outcome. The next step in our evolution of online networking. Here is what members and online meetup attendees can expect:

  • Welcome Desk – great for first timers or members wanting to check in or familiarise themselves with the room before jumping right in. Claudia from the Network My Club team is usually be positioned here so they’ll always be a friendly face to greet you.
  • Help Desk – any technical difficulties? Here you’ll find Anders from the Network My Club team to help you.
  • One to One Tables – arrange to meet another attendee on a table where you can enjoy an intimate conversation and not be interrupted by other attendees. We send our attendee lists the day before our meetups so attendees can even reach out to others and plan their one to ones before it’s even started.
  • Time Out Tables – like any in person event, you need to take a time-out. Whether that’s for a bathroom break or to check something urgently. Some things can’t be avoided, so place yourself on a time-out table and do what you need to do.
  • Networking Area – this is where the main fun and games take place. Where you’ll meet other attendees and spend most of your time in our informal yet structured and purposeful format.
  • Sponsor Board – the meetup sponsors logo front and centre. When clicked, this board shows a pop up where attendees can click through to a designated sponsor link. Find out about our Online Meetup Sponsorship here.
  • Video Board – we can reserve this for our meetup sponsor to add a promotional video for attendees to view during the meetup. Or we will include a recent video from the Network My Club team.
  • Meetup Agenda – pretty self explanatory, right?!

Time-Out Tables

One to One Tables

Reception & Help Desk

Main Networking Area

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