If you’ve been made redundant or are facing redundancy, we are offering you free access to attend our online meetups. An offer open until you have found a new role.

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One of the principles we live by and encourage at Network My Club by is to never to underestimate anyone.

The idea that anyone could potentially help you. That they may know one person that could help you or your business.

With that in mind, we want to help those in need of a helping hand right now.

It goes without saying upcoming redundancies are inevitableWe know people that have already been affected. We are unfortunately seeing it more regularly.

However, we are seeing businesses and some of our members hiring.

Therefore, we’d like to offer an opportunity for those affected by redundancy. An opportunity for someone you may know looking for a new role.

What’s the opportunity?  If you’ve been made redundant or are facing redundancy, we are offering you free access to attend our online meetups. An offer open until you have found a new role.

Our online meetups bring together dozens of businesses from across the South East and London. To network and to keep their business connected during this time.

Therefore, we want you to meet our members. To help our members. And for our members to help you.

Continually growing, developing and utilising your network is vital. That shouldn’t stop because you’re between roles. We hope this opportunity will provide some form of routine and give yourself something to plan and attend.

All we ask is that you approach the meetups the same way we ask anyone. With the mindset of how you can help and connect others. For you, like everyone else, bring your own network to the table. Utilise it to help others.

Given the culture amongst Network My Club members, we’re confident you’ll see that reciprocated.

For members, a group of proactive, well networked and connected professionals that can help you.

Who is it for? 

The opportunity won’t be relevant for everyone affected. Given our existing membership and audience, it will be best suited for people with a background in:

Industries: B2B Services / Professional Sectors

Positions: Sales/Business Development/Marketing/Account Management

Level: Director/Manager

Locations: London, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and neighbouring areas

If you tick two or three of those boxes, we can help you. We’d like to help you. And encourage you to apply.

To apply, simply complete the form below. That will go directly to our Managing Director, Bradley, who will be in touch personally.

We look forward to helping you. Together we can all grow stronger.

Apply and Submit Your Details

On completion we will receive your information and we will be in touch directly with how to start joining us and our members at our online meetups.

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