What do you think when you hear the phrase ‘virtual event’ or ‘online event’? 

I bet you rolled your eyes or thought back to those dozens of boring webinars you’ve sat through? 

The phrase is beginning to get tarnished with negative connotations. Partly because of the amount of video conference calls out there that people try to pass off as an event.

Joining an event and being on mute waiting for your chance to speak is not how networking works. When would you walk into a networking event and not say a word? It’s time to set your mute button free.

There’s a difference between a video conference and a virtual experience.

The latter is authentic, engaging and enjoyable. Something we do with our events. 

Thanks to Remo

We’re huge fans of Remo. Partly because it saved our business. It allowed us to adapt to online events in a way we could align and scale events to that of our live events. We are able to provide a unique and authentic online networking experience to our hundreds of members. That wasn’t possible on Zoom.

Without going into the features of Remo because there are so many, here we cover the key reasons why we use Remo and the most common reasons we hear why our members love it too.

Remo was designed to offer authentic social and face to face interactions with events just like real life. The problem with more widely adopted platforms for online networking like Zoom or Teams is these are primarily video conference platforms. There’s a BIG difference.

Having now hosted 100+ events on Remo and trialled numerous platforms, nothing comes close to it. Here’s 4 reasons why.

Feels like the real thing

The two key principles of Remo are only seeing and speaking to people on your table and the fact you can move around the room freely.

It offers the opportunity for small group conversations on tables whilst being part of a large scale event. Just like real life.

It’s probably as close to ‘normal’ face to face networking as you can get online!Stephen Carter, Intellectual Property Works

Control back in attendees hands (or fingertips)

The feeling of walking into an event and going from conversation to conversation has been lost in a virtual world. People have gotten too comfortable with joining a video conference event, waiting until they can speak or are put into a breakout room.

Remo gives you control. You have the freedom to move around a room freely. Interact in real time at your own pace. Want to go and speak to someone on another table? Just double click there and away you go. You’re back in control of your networking.

“It was great to be back in control of who I spoke to and where I went during the event. Not waiting to be put in breakout rooms randomly.” John Burgess – Sagars Accountants

Create different environments

Seeing tables and chairs in a room automatically puts you in a different state of mind when coming to our events. We’re all about creating an environment and a room layout that makes attendees feel comfortable and are familiar with. 

Need a time out? Put yourself on our time out sofas. Want to arrange a private conversation with someone during the event? Use our one to one tables. 

For online events for clients, it could be a lounge, pub, lobby, rooftop bar or exhibition hall. The limit is your imagination. So whether it’s networking, tradeshow, conference, awards celebrations, webinar, product launch, a room and environment can be configured to fit.

Deliver content AND offer a networking experience

How about receiving content you would at a webinar, but then being able to interact with other attendees. To network and discuss what was spoken about. As you would do at a live event?

With the presentation feature able to broadcast to everyone in the event, we’ve included guest speakers and Q&As between the networking sessions in the virtual lounge. Aligning it even further to our live events format. 

It offers members the chance to network in the floor plan mode but also learn and be inspired. Offering that more rounded virtual experience.

“As good as the real thing, without the travel!” Lena Taylor, n8

We explored how effective networkers of the future will be embracing online and live events. Remo plays a big part in that. It’s not too late to embrace it and join us. We’re just getting started.

“I was sceptical about online networking. But, it’s been more effective than “live” events in many ways. The regular movement around tables guarantees you will have conversations with 10 to 12 people during an event. I’ve noticed this results in higher levels of engagement with attendees than I found previously. In turn, it’s led to more follow up discussions in six weeks than in 3 years of “normal” networking. I can’t recommend Network My Club events enough.” John Stanton, Map Your Process

When it comes to running your online event, we’ll take the stress away from having to worry about the technology and delivery with our online event management service

Leaving you to focus on the important elements – getting people in the room and putting together killer content.

If you’re thinking of hosting an online event, Remo is a great platform to engage the audience and allow for a ‘real’ experience.

Network My Club take away all the stress of trying to navigate the platform and make it super easy for both the organiser and attendees to have an enjoyable event. I really couldn’t recommend them highly enough!” Tom Rose, Senior Marketing Manager, Southampton Football Club

We’ve hosted virtual awards nights, charity fundraisers, networking events with panel discussions, speaker conferences, pub quizzes, webinars and more. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. 

We’d love to work with you. But equally, we happily recommend Remo for those looking to run events themselves. The more people using Remo, the less time we spend explaining how it’s different to Zoom!

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